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Manage projects (meta)data


We'd like to manage some (meta)data of the project: we remember an "online" dashboard (we can't find anymore) where we can manage some informations, but we don't know if it would be sufficient anyway... for example when we make a build and we download the result (apk or ipa) the file is named after the original "name" of the project, even if we have (locally) renamed everything... where does it come from and can be changed somehow?

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The precise name of the returned IPA, APK, etc. files are subject to change without notice. We have been using the name of the <project-name>.xdk file in your project, but that doesn't actually get used during the builds (for security reasons) and, at this point, is only used to name the returned file. But even that is subject to change, so it's not something you can rely upon.

The name you specify for the app, which is presented by the store, is a project parameter you control via the UI and is sent in the config files that are assembled to be sent to the build system.

That online dashboard is largely gone, it only provides you with the ability to delete projects from our build system. Eventually, that will also go away, once we can provide that feature directly from the XDK or App Preview or some similar tool.