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Maximum number of activations reached


We bought two Intel compiler licenses. When we try to install, it is showing error that "Maximum number of activations reached". Could you please let me know how we resolve this issue.



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Sridar, I looked up your email address. You have only one license associated with your account (I assume the other one is registered to somebody else), and it looks like you have indeed hit the maximum number of activations. You have a system locked, named user license. According to section 3.7.3 of the EULA:

NAMED-USER LICENSE: If You obtained the Materials under a named-user license, You may allow only one (1) individual to install and use the Materials on no more than three (3) computers provided that same individual is using the Materials only on one (1) computer at a time...

Technically, we have five slots, not three - legally you're only supposed to use 3, the other two are there to make the system a little more forgiving when you're trying to check that the installation works on system 4 before uninstalling on system 1, or if you're repeatedly activating and deactivating on virtual machines, etc. The point is, you have all five slots filled.

This FAQ may provide more information. Long story short, you need to deactivate the license on machines you're not using it on anymore before you can activate it on new ones. Here is an FAQ about how to deactivate license slots.

- Alex


As you have not responded, I will assume that your question has been answered, and I will now close this thread.