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Newbie: My app does not show up on HTC and Samsung phones

Hi Everyone,

I am 14 and have recently started Android app development through self learning.

I used Intel XDK (3491) for my first Android app development (App is called'GCSE Algebra') and published on google play store. However, my app would only show up on some Android phones and not all. I think this could be due to the fact that the APKs that were produced were for x86 and ARM. I tried searching for the app on goole play store on HTC desire phone but could not. HTC uses Qualcomm as far as I know. Hence the app is incompatible on the device.

Query: How do I make this Android app so that it works on any Android platform?

Any pointers would be really helpful.






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Dylan -- Qualcomm is an ARM device, so if your app can be seen by other ARM devices that is not the source of the issue. There are a variety of ways the Google Play store filters out which devices can install your app and which cannot. Unfortunately, how it does this is not very clear. Here is the main source of that information > < How this translates into a Cordova mobile app is more confusing. It generally will be determined by the API levels you choose, the required processor architectures (ARM and/or x86) and any device feature requirements (such as GPS, network interface, cellular/phone interface, SMS for texting, etc.). Those last bits tend to be controlled, in a Cordova app, by the plugins you include. Those plugins can add parameters into the manifest and other files that are part of your app package (part of the APK file). See the Google link for more details.