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PDF not opening in intel xdk


Hi All ,

I am calling a website in my mobile app using cordova InAppBrowser plugin.

unable to view PDF available in website. i am using to PDF's in website. working fine in website but not working from mobile app.

do i miss any thing ?

Please suggest and help.

Thanks in advance.

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A Cordova app is not a web browser and, therefore, does not have access to any of the browser features that many people take for granted. You are running in an HTML5 interpreter on the mobile device, known as a "webview" which is not a browser. In order to view a PDF in your app you need to download that PDF and then "ask" the PDF viewer on the mobile device to view that PDF (if a PDF viewer exists on that device) or you need to include a Cordova plugin or JavaScript library that can render and present a PDF image to the screen.

I recommend you search StackOverflow for something like "how to download and display PDF in a Cordova PhoneGap app" for detailed help.

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