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Parallel Studio 2017 XE installer fails quickly: "Package requires Internet connection"

Hello all,


I am trying to replace my installation of Parallel Studio 2016 XE with the new 2017 one. This is on a Windows 7 machine.

Downloaded and executed the small installer, that is supposed to load the required installation packages later.

However, when starting it, the first thing it tells me is:

"Package requires Internet connection

Could not connect to Intel(R) Software Development Products Registration Center
Please check system proxy settings and try again."


Which is weird, because I can access that site with Firefox just normal. The Intel Software Manager has no problems, All other network works as expected, too. In another thread, it was suggested to provide a valid license file, so I set the environment variable INTEL_LICENSE_FILE to the appropiate full path of the license file that worked for 2016, but this did not change anything.

Any ideas what may cause this?




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I'm assuming you're getting this error on the initial small setup package, and not on the install package created later (using the download for later installation option)?  The error you describe on the setup generally indicates a proxy issue.  You can read more about that here:

When it creates the actual install package with the components, you can choose to give it a license file instead of an online activation if you're offline.  If you've already installed the 2016 version it should detect this license file.

If it's not a proxy issue, then you may need to download the entire package.  It could be that Firefox is set up to download, but the installer is using the IE settings.



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Thanks for the response. It turns out that it was not a proxy issue (would be a surprise, as the computer is not set up to use one). Instead, things worked fine after I manually uninstalled all programs that belong to Parallel Studio 2016.




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