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Parallel Studio XE intall issues over a year long

My company bought MS Visual Studio 2013 Pro and Parallel Studio XE over a year ago, IT has been trying to get Composer to install for over a year...the support has since expired.  Below is a description for my IT tech.  Can anyone give us some assistance on how to finally get this software installed?

While trying to install Parallel Studio XE, it goes through the extracting files process; however, once it moves to the next step it stops and gives an error message that says “Package signature verification failed. Click Help for details.” When you click the Help button it takes you to Intel’s website which tries to give resolution information for this problem. The main option was to download and install two different certificates separately. Doing this didn’t get rid of the error message though. I even tried downloading the license file as if I were doing an offline install, but that didn’t work either. I’ve tried to follow all of the install instructions with no luck. At this point I’m assuming the expired license is what’s inhibiting the install.

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Hi Sir,

1. Your S/N is a permanent license. You can keep using it for installing PSXE 2016 and previous versions

2. Please make sure the Ehternet or Wireless MAC address on your host PC is C4:34:6B:69:95:D2

3. I just sent out a license file with the package download link. Please download PSXE 2016 and install again on your host PC

If it doesn't work, please send a mail to to protect your license information.

Best regards,



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