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Porting from VMS

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I remember that something like this question was answered at the old message board. I was waiting since several months ago for the new software hoping that it would make me able to run better search in old messages. But old messages are gone now and I don't even know which thread could include the answer I was looking for. It seems therefor that we have to ask and answer all questions again:

While porting Fortran programs from VAX/VMS to CVF 6.1a, what can I do to convert system commands like SYS$TRNLMN, SYS$INPUT and SYS$OUTPUT or others like LIB$ERASE_PAGE, LIB$SPAWN and LIB$FIND_FILE? Is it enough to build with enabled VMS compatibility and USE compatibility library, or do I need some third party software?

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You'll need a third-party library from Sector 7 or Accelr8 to use those calls as-is. Otherwise, you'll have to figure out how to do what you want in the Windows environment.

SYS$TRNLNM can be GETENVQQ, SYS$INPUT and SYS$OUTPUT can be CON:, LIB$FINDFILE is GETFILEINFOQQ, LIB$SPAWN is RUNQQ. LIB$ERASE_PAGE is trickier - it suggests a page-oriented model of the screen. You might want to look at the SCREENIO library one of our engineers put together.

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