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Problem with publishing on XDK

Hello, I am trying to publish a game made through android xdk. When I try publishing it through xdk it says make sure all required fields have been completed to unlock publish option. All fields have been completed. I noticed that once I start inserting screenshots I get a message at the top right corner of the xdk reading "fix errors to autosave". 

I tried publishing my game through google play also, when I tried to upload my apk file it would say "You need to use a different package name because "" already exists in Google Play." I went to build settings and changed the id but even after rebuild google play gave me the same error, also google play is requesting a single apk file but I have one for arm and x86. I imagine both are necessary so that my game can run on all architectures?

** As long as I can manage to publish using one of these methods I will be a happy camper!

I am running xdk 3400, on Windows 10. I am attempting to build for android. This app uses Cordova 5.4.1. "Signed" box is checked and I do indeed have a certificate filled out.

Thanks in advance!

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Ricardo -- "" is the "App ID" that is located in the "App ID" field on the Projects tab, under the "Build Settings" section. You need to change this to something that is unique (hover over the field for some more information). You need to change that field and then rebuild your app. The rebuilt app can then be uploaded to the store.