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RealSense Face Tracking on non-AVX hardware

I am developing a native java (JNI) module that polls data from the RealSense. It uses the Face Tracking module, which as best I can tell, requires AVX. Is there a version of the libs compiled for older hardware (I'm using a Xeon E5405).

I've had some success running the libraries through Intel SDE, which while slow, did successfully run the face tracking module. The problem is that SDE can only be used to wrap executables (launch or attach to them), not just DLLs, which is what my JNI module becomes - and I don't want to run the whole JVM through SDE.

I guess I could make the JNI module into a stub that launches the real module in a separate process (with SDE), then carries over the data. I'd rather not resort to this.

Any advice? Thanks,


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