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Registration error/Free student software

Hello all,
I am currently a student in the National Technical University of Athens and want to apply for the free student licence.However after I click the submit button to complete the registration I get the following error message.

We have experienced a critical system error.

A notice has been automatically generated to alert our staff. We will address this condition as soon as possible. Please try again later, after we have had some time to make repairs.

I realise that it might have been discussed before,however I wanted to know If it is a problem within the registration domain or I am doing something wrong

In any case thank you for your time!

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Yes, this is a known issue. We're working on it.

The current workaround is to create an account on the Intel Developer Zone - since you're here on the forums you've already got one IDZ account, but given that you mention this being for a student license, and the email I see in the Intel Support information box for this thread doesn't look like an academic domain, I assume you're trying to register with a different email address. ;) You'll need to create an IDZ account with the desired email address.
Then, go to the Registration Center and log in using the same email that you had on IDZ, which you wanted to register your product with. You should then be able to access and register products.

- Alex

Edit: I believe this has been fixed now, and since the original poster hasn't responded, I'm going to assume their problem was solved and close this thread. If you have a similar problem please create a new thread so we can get to you in a timely and efficient fashion.