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Request for Windows and WP8.1 App Submission Tutorial Once And for All

Please this is a humble request to the Intel XDK Team to post a tutorial/video on how to test and publish windows and windows phone 8.1 apps.

I've seen the requirements as stated by Mr. Paul here (thank you sir). Development is solved.. (and heey sir I think it will be better if you used the "App Identity Page" on Windows developer account to describe. See because in your picture tutorial you showed us the danger about the windows publisher ID thingy.. but I also kept making the mistake of using a personal app ID forgetting the fact that Windows sets an app ID for my app .. too bad and silly for me  

Lesson for fellow newbies. SET YOUR APP ID TOO..its in your app identity page )


Thank you for reading. Have a happy holidays.



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We're working on fixing the issues. Thanks for the feedback and hints, Olushola.

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In the meantime we have one other article that you might find useful -

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