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SPA Navigation Alternative Approach?

I have built Mobile Hybrid Apps using DevExtreme Framework, and it works on a Partial View concept like Angular JS. (That product supports Angular JS, but they have their own routing engine for partial views too).

I am looking at how to keep a Common Navigation (Slide Out Menu) just on the Index.html but load content from Partial View HTML pages. I am experimenting with a way to do this and not going the Angular route. 

I tested it and it all seems to work work, but wanted to get input from others more experience on XDK with thoughts?

1. Partial View Folder: With one partial view _TestView1.html

PV Nav.png

2. Index.html Dynamic Content: (when the user clicks a menu item from the slide out) read the HTML file selected under views and load it to a DIV on the Index.html page. 


3. Navigation:  User Clicks third menu item "Partial View Test3" and the HTML is loaded to the DIV on the Index.html page by calling the function shown above.  




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Patrick -- the XDK creates standard Cordova (aka PhoneGap) apps, so anything that works with a Cordova app works with an XDK app. I recommend for general programming issues that you search the Cordova and PhoneGap tags in Stack Overflow. There is better support for general programming issues on that forum. Our support is generally limited to getting the XDK to work, including build issues, debug issues, etc.