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SR300 error: Timeout waiting for frames (rs::error was thrown when calling rs_wait_for_frames(device:0000007AFF580F70)

Dear Sir/Madam:
I bought a SR300 which was delivered to me in the Middle of May this year. I bought additional 50 SR300's which ware delivered to me 20 days ago. I am facing a very serious issue and need your quick support!
1) Issue with the first SR300
When I use it using SDK and run the examples, all examples ran ok. But when I use it with librealsense (the library), it sometimes give the following error:
"rs::error was thrown when calling rs_wait_for_frames(device:0000007AFF580F70):
    Timeout waiting for frames."
2) Issue with the following 50 SR300's
These SR300's look different from the first SR300. The USB cable is shorter (1m instead of 1.2m). But the Timeout issue becomes a blocking issue.
I use them with librealsense (the library), most give the Timeout error as as shown above.
I did all the tests on the same desktop with Windows 10 and the same USB 3.0 port. My desktop is a MacBook Pro on which I installed dual-system (OSX and Windows 10).
Please tell me how to solve these issues.
Thanks. Look forward to our quick support!
Best Regards,
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