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SR300 on Intel Joule and C#


Hi guys,

I'm planning to write an application using C# using the SR300 camera. I will need some hand gestures and facial recognition.

It will run on an Intel Joule and I'm trying to find a way to make it happen.

Idea 1: Can Intel Joule run full Windows 10 (and therefore, the full RealSense SDK)? If yes, this would be so easy!

Idea 2: Use Librealsense.

The problem is that librealsense is written in C++ and is very limited, so I would have to use something like openCV to get hand gestures and facial recognition. Unfortunately C++ is not my thing.

Idea 3: Port librealsense to UWP and use it with Windows 10 IoT on Joule.

I tried, everything compiles but a external dependency called ks.h, which appears to be missing on UWP. Any thoughts here?

Idea 4: Write a librealsense wrapper in C# and use DotNet Core to run it on Ubuntu.

I wrote a small P.O.C. and it seems to work (I ported just one function to validate the idea). The problem now is to find a way to do the same with openCV (there are some wrappers out there, but not for dotnet core).

Idea 5: The same as idea 4, but using Mono

Same problems of idea 4, but there is one openCV wrapper using Mono.

Idea 6: Learn C++

I would love to, but I won't have the time.

Well, that's a challenge, please, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated :)



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i think Intel Joule only supports R200....(not sr300) so that option is kinda out

I think learn C++ to its best then proceed with librealsense options work-arounds

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