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ScenePerception, increase range?


I now finally have my R200 running, and can use the Sceneperception module. My interest is getting the camera pose, rather than the mesh.

For this, i need the longest range i can get. Could anyone recommend the correct settings to do this?

Also, what is the c++ to query and set the device settings? eg, exposure, laser power etc. (i have installed the IVCAM tool, but it will not run on windows 10 64 bit for some reason)





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Hi Ben, The R200 Device interface (begin reading here: allows you to query and set device properties but you must be very careful doing this as you may impact other applications. The range settings are very dependent on your application and can affect other aspects of your stream so you must experiment to determine the best settings for your use case.

The IVCAM tool is for F200 and SR300 only. The R200 is not an IVCAM.

I hope this answers your question. If you would like further assistance, please post your question in the RealSense Community. This forum in the Intel Developer Zone will soon be archived and all support will be handled in RealSense Community.

Jesus Garcia
Intel Customer Support


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