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Suggested additions to SDK sample program "Raw streams"

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I think a simple additional utility feature for the Intel Realsense SDK  "Raw Streams" example program to allow us to "capture" or "save" the current frame (after pressing "stop" or something) as a 16-bit depth image or an RGB image, or depth-aligned RGB image.

For the depth image, the pixel intensities can be in 0.1mm or 1mm depth resolution.

This simple utility as part of the SDK to help us capture data from the sensor and do offline processing (as a fast means of evaluating the sensor) would be extremely useful to all of us industry users. 

I have my own programs that do this for me in the ways I want, like PCL point cloud saving the depth images and OpenCV conversion of the depth frame into a .png/bmp but I think others will benefit from this being integrated to the SDK, including myself if I don't want to load up a larger bloated program to use the raw capture front-end..

Would you guys (other forum users) like Intel to have something like this? 

Are there any librealsense pre-compiled programs that "just work" for these sorts of simple tasks?

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I think librealsense pretty much has all that you need, or at least very close to it.