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TXT error code 0xC0001041

Hello, I was tried setup TXT and always got TXT.ERRORCODE: 0xC0001041 and reboot after TBOOT: executing GETSEC[SENTER]... I decoded this as Class=4, Major=4, Minor=0. The description for this error is "TPM NV is unlocked". But in appendix of this guide - represented by log "TBOOT: TPM nv_locked: FALSE" don't cause any errors. (TBOOT: TXT.ERRORCODE: 0x0) CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4590 CPU @ 3.30GHz Mainboard: GA-Q87N Distribution: Gentoo SINIT: 4th_gen_i5_i7_SINIT_75.BIN tboot: 1.8.3 # cat /boot/grub/grub.conf title tboot root (hd0,0) kernel /tboot.gz logging=serial,vga,memory vga_delay=5 module /kernel root=/dev/sda2 intel_iommu=on module /4th_gen_i5_i7_SINIT_75.BIN # txt-stat Intel(r) TXT Configuration Registers: STS: 0x00000012 senter_done: FALSE sexit_done: TRUE mem_config_lock: FALSE private_open: FALSE locality_1_open: FALSE locality_2_open: FALSE ESTS: 0x00 txt_reset: FALSE E2STS: 0x0000000000000008 secrets: FALSE ERRORCODE: 0xc0001041 DIDVID: 0x00000001b0028086 vendor_id: 0x8086 device_id: 0xb002 revision_id: 0x1 FSBIF: 0xffffffffffffffff QPIIF: 0x000000009d003000 SINIT.BASE: 0xdaf00000 SINIT.SIZE: 131072B (0x20000) HEAP.BASE: 0xdaf20000 HEAP.SIZE: 917504B (0xe0000) DPR: 0x00000000db000041 lock: TRUE top: 0xdb000000 size: 4MB (4194304B) PUBLIC.KEY: 2d 67 dd d7 5e f9 33 92 66 a5 6f 27 18 95 55 ae 77 a2 b0 de 77 42 22 e5 de 24 8d be b8 e3 3d d7 Thanks, Andrew S
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