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Tips To Avoid Mobile App Abandonment



The abandonment rate of mobile apps has been ever-increasing with the development of technology. According to the latest research, the abandonment rate of a mobile app is as high as 95% soon after just 30 days of its launch. This is, for sure, an annoying figure for any business owner! A mobile application is to set up a more engaging association with the customers. Hence, offering an attractive, fascinating and feature-rich mobile app is crucial to augment business prospects. Here are the tips that mobile app development company for the mobile application abandonment rate.


Release Latest App Functionalities over Time

If you are thinking of launching a mobile app that has numerous interesting and attractive features integrated with it, it is better not to release everything at the same time! Suppose if your idea app has ten profitable features to pull your customers, while releasing the app, do not launch all the ten features. Release only five or six top features and keep rest for future rollouts.


Doing such a way, your users would see that you are upgrading your mobile app features, adding new features with time and proposing new opportunities. This is definitely a cool way to develop interest among users and to keep them glued.


Release Latest App Version and Re-engage Users

Most of the time, users do not even understand or notice the changes that you make in the latest versions of the mobile app until and unless it is something vast or users open the app! Hence, when you are investing money to make your mobile application better and more user-centric, let users know the changes. Furthermore, it is not about capital all the time. You are spending a lot of time as well. To decrease time, you can use the push notifications to let your users know about the upgrades or changes you are making. Broadcasting a new feature rollout as and when it happens would lure users to check it.


Infuse Personal and Friendly Touch Into the App

When you are developing an app, make sure you are infusing some personal and friendly touch into it. It’s an undeniable statistic that smartphone usage is increasing with time. The main aim of creating a feature-rich and perfect application is to engage users. So, if any application is missing a pleasant approach to interact with or impress users, it might not get the desired success even if it is offering sufficiently of functionalities. The more it is welcoming and friendly, the more users can relate to it and would love it.


Do Not Think Users Are Testers

All the above-mentioned three tips were about being proactive to reduce application abandonment rates. Now, this point is about the basics. Do not think that you can release the app and then fix the technical bugs once users start facing issues! It doesn’t work that way. Make sure that you are testing your mobile app thoroughly before launching it on the big stage! Otherwise, once you start getting negative feedbacks, your brand value becomes irreversibly tarnished.


Apart from these ideas, there are several other aspects that can make your app user-friendly like quick onboarding experience, simple navigation, tooltips and more. Keep watching the space for more related posts.

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