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Update on Windows Phone 8.1 Publishing

Dear Gurus,

It's been awful long since I published an app, cos I was learning game dev, now I published to android my lucky banana game thanks (IntelXDK).

or play online

Now I would like to publish to Windows Phone 8.1 But I see things have changed, it publishes to .appxupload .appxbundle and .appx unlike .xap that I knew. And I don't know how to test this new export i.e

which file to sideload on my device,

is there a windows certificate thingy to install again..

Thanks a lot for reading.

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Rename the file with extension ".appxboundle" to ".zip" and extract it. Then you have file with ".appx" extension. Then open this file, and open and edit file WMAppManifest.xml in text editor (change Publisher ID and Product ID in tag <App Author>) Save file and archivator asks "archive was changed, repack it ?", choose "OK".

Sorry for my English.

I liked your game))

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