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Using DVMT to distribute system memory to HD2000 Integrated graphics processor

Hi, I'm a master student study in Taiwan. I have a question about DVMT in intel i5-2400 with HD2000 processor:

My thesis is about GPU virtualization, I hope we can change the memory ownership by DVMT so that when we has to do context switch a GPU process, we need not to copy GPU memory out to main memory, instead of change the device memory ownership to main memory. And load another main memory segment to GPU as GPU memory.

Could it be possible to use DVMT to exchange the memory ownership between CPU and GPU by OS?
I mean, could it be possible to set a memory segment belong to GPU or main memory by an user or by an OS?

I've google some pages, but I still don't know DVMT is controlled by OS,  GPU driver, or others? Could we control DVMT by it driver? Or this technology is not open to user? I know Intel has linux open source graphic driver, but I don't know whether it can control the memory segment belong to GPU or CPU.

Thanks for your response,
Best regards,

C-Y, Yeh
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