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Web APi AudioContext and getUserMedia

I am building an application using web APi Audiocontext ( ) within the Intel XDK environement. The application use the input from the microphone and displays its FFT (fast fourrier transform) on a live plot. To get access to the mic stream I use navigator.getUsermedia() and i connect the stream to an analyser node.

It runs perfectly on a web app, or Android app but fail for iOS app. I read somewhere that getUsermedia is not supported in iOS. So I tried to use the iosRTC plugin ( but when I try to build for iOS it fails. The errors seems to be documented in the plugin page ( and they provide a hook to be able to build it with Phonegap cli-interface. However it does not work with XDK because it seems that it does not support "hooks". 

Did someone succeeded to build an app with this plugin? Is there any change or build option I can add? is there other alternative than this plugin?




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Denis -- there is no way to build an app that includes a plugin that requires hook scripts with our current build system. We are working on a build system that will allow for this, but until that build system is introduced your only option is to build locally with Cordova CLI, which means you will need access to a Mac in order to host and run Xcode. We do not allow the hooks scripts (as well as plugin gradle scripts) is for security reasons. Unfortunately, company policy does not allow me to provide a date for release of that new build system.