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Incorporating RealSense tech into new Product?


I am a developer trying to find out information about how to incorporate RealSense technology into a new consumer product I am helping design for a client. I believe I have come across literature that speaks to Intel wanting to incorporate the RealSense gesture tech into more devices, drones, IoT, etc... I have been in contact with the company support team and they eventually pointed me here. 

We are at a very preliminary stage with our client, is it possible to get some ballpark estimates on what including a RealSense camera would add to the BOM for a hardware device? I assume it would be lower than the price for the dev kit since this would be working with an OEM at scale, but it would be nice to find someone who could provide a rough estimate. 

I have been exploring the Intel RealSense F200 camera and librealsense SDK (Ubuntu), and have an R200 on the way. Apologies if this is the wrong venue for this inquiry but I swear the Intel support team pointed me here.



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Quick question, were you able to get OEM information regarding any of the RealSense products? 


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