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What a nightmare - convert to Adobe Phonegap Build


I spent all day rebuilding my (WORKING!) app and getting it to build in Adobe Phonegap Build.  My idea was just a straight recompile. HA! I finally got it recompiled in Adobe Phonegap build and loaded into IOS app store (test flight) and the google play store for testing... My app doesn't work anymore in IOS.  Tons of never before seen errors, permission differences (I guess).  Exact same 6.2.0 CLI, no custom plugins, all standard. At least Android still works.  The IOS issues are related to pulling down PDFs from servers and opening, uploading files to server, opening browser.  AHHH... Anyway, it is like I'm starting from scratch with the IOS app.  There is so much not working, I can't really ask a question.  Anyway, if you haven't tried to move your app over yet, better allow some extra time!  Rich



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I suspect this is due to white list and CSP rules and it might also be affected by the rules regarding where you can download files (see the file plugin for details, especially > )

These preference tags, which go into the config.xml (they can be added to your intelxdk.config.additions.xml file to have them be part of your exported config.xml file), might also be part of the issue > <