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Why I don't have the Cordova Hybrid Option



I explorted a game for Construct 2 eith Cordova section for android. And I downloaded the last version or Intel XDK just today. 

Now I have some bugs in my built so I need to add or manage pluggin (showed in this tutorial, in the Cordova Hybrid section: )

BUT I don't have the Cordova Hybrid app section ! (so no pluggins options neither)

So it is because the last release of Intel XDK ? Or do I have to add a plugin or something first ? 

Please explain to me what to do in details. Or if I have to dowload a last version of XDK too.


Printscreen of my problem :





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You should export from Construct2 using the XDK export option, then use the green "Open an Intel XDK Project" button at the lower left of the Projects tab to locate the <project-name>.xdk file that was created as part of the export. Use this technique only the first time you create the project. After that, if you make changes to your Construct2 project you should copy the changed files in the subsequent exports to your existing project.

The exported project created by Construct2 is a "Cordova" project, so your project should then have a plugin manager.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.14.50 AM.png