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Why doesn't QueryTimeStamp give me the correct system time?


I am trying to modify the hands viewer example so I can save the joint data, along with the current time stamp, to a .csv file. I first used DateTime.Now, which gives me the current system time, but that is only accurate to 100 ms. So I tried to use QueryTimeStamp instead, which is in 100 ns. When I looked at the saved data, however, the time stamp is not what I expected. 

For example two of my data sets are taken a few hours apart on 3/22, and the first time stamps I got for the data sets are 131029684247698000 and 131029684326482000, respectively. According to this link (, the time stamps I got convert to 3/20/2016 around 5:27 pm for both of them. I don't understand why QueryTimeStamp doesn't give me the correct system time. And why would it have the same approximate starting time even though the data are obviously taken at different times?

I also tried this on a different computer. The time stamp starts with 131027152963076000 and 131027153006500000 for two of my trials, which converts to 3/17/2016 around 7:08 pm. Am I misunderstanding how QueryTimeStamp is supposed to work? 

p.s.: I need to know the absolute system time because I want to match the data captured by two cameras operating on different computers.

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Yes, you are misunderstanding it.

Have a look here:

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