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Windows builds for XDK crash on start-up.

I have been working on a project for a few months now and testing it using the "simulate" tab and the "test" tab, connect my windows 8 tablet to the XDK. After getting to a point with my work, I decided to use the "build" tab so that I could see if the real thing would work to the point were I was at. When I got the app onto my tablet, it would crash as soon as the splashsrceen (HTML5 App Development) showed up. This also happens for the Windows 10 UAP version on my PC which is also Windows 10. Because it crashes before the app even starts, I can't even debug it.

I ended up just using the blank cordova app (demo) as a template and all I added was some code in the body, some script tags and javascript in the app.js but the app still crashed. I ended up taking all my javascript out and leaving only the pre-written code in the app.js and it was still crashing when I built it.

I also don't understand why if I take out the "touch me" button, the app will also crash when I build it.


Thanks in Advance


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We've done some testing. I am not getting a crash in either Win 8 or Win 10, testing both Blank Cordova and Hello Cordova. I have built both with Cordova 5.4.1 and 6.2.0. But while doing these tests we discovered some anomalies in the build system. I will notify the engineer in charge of the Windows build system.