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Workaround for XDK Update Troubles

We released version 3641 of the Intel XDK on October 19, 2016. This release is a "hotfix" to address the installation and update problems that appeared as part of the 3619 release. There are no differences to the installed product (when compared to 3619), only differences in the installer.

Please see this Apple article > < if you do not know what the "administrator" password is for your Mac.

If you see the following dialog when attempting an installation of 3641 on a Mac, select the "ignore" option and the installation will continue normally.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 2.44.12 PM.png

---- original post ----

Some Windows and Mac users are experiencing problems with the auto-update to Intel XDK version 3619. In the case of Windows users you may be getting a "cannot extract package" and "failed to unzip the package" error message. In the case of Mac users the actual update never starts.

One workaround is:

  • close the Intel XDK
  • download the installer directly from (download may fail with IE)
  • run the installer you downloaded
  • for Mac users > double-click the "Intel" icon inside the DMG file
  • for Mac users > if you see a "repair" dialog, perform the repair
  • exit the installer (or repair installation)
  • start the XDK

For Windows system, this post may also help > Here is the error message you are likely to see with a failed Windows auto-update after restarting the Intel XDK:

2016-10-11_19-36-32 xdk problem.png

On a Mac you may have to first uninstall the existing XDK app from your /Applications folder before installing from the download. Here is an example of the dialog you might see on a Mac if your attempt to auto-update failed and you have downloaded the installer directly from

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 10.58.02 AM.png

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I have just downloaded the XDK. It is asking for administrator password. how do i get this?

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Bilal -- I'm assuming that means you are installing on a Mac? If so, it's the password you normally type to allow installation of apps on your Mac, which, in most cases, is your user password.

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Install on Mac iOs 10.11.4 asks for password but any one I try fails. Is it possible to download old versions of Intel XDK so we can continue working?

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Fabiano -- try these:

Copies of the previous version, using the old installer, can be downloaded here:

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