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Your VF0810 RealSense Cam Stinks! On My Third One!


I have tried several cameras on my system, and none work. Thinking that it was a DCM issue, the DCM was updated to 3.3, but the Intel RGB and Virtual Driver was not. The cam is constantly connecting and disconnecting every 2 seconds while using the 3D features. The 2D works fine. I have sent in logs, and was told that the cam was defective. However, it works fine on our 5th gen Dell laptop.

There is obviously an issue with this camera and Asus boards. Especially ones with the ASMedia USB 3.1 chipset. You guys need to get your heads out of the sand, and figure out why it's acting this way.

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Hi GW M,

First I want to thank you for reporting this bug to us,

In order to check your problem we need some information first,

1. Which windows build version are you using (in cmd type->   winver   then press enter).

2. Which Intel processor generation are you using in your PC? (we support 5th Gen and above it).

3. Are you using a USB HUB to Connect your RealSense camera ?


Best Regards,

Gal Av 

Intel Corporation


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