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app version issue


I just want to broadcast my opinion

Please create an option to tick and set  auto increase app version for each new compilation build !!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE 

I disagree totally with the app code used on Android app .... like if app version is set 1 .. it means 18 to google play ... set 2 means 28 .... does make any sense 

On iOS app ... if I set 1 ... itunes will see 1 ... set 2 itunes will see 2 ....

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Marcos -- that policy of how to number your Android APK is managed by the Cordova project, it is not controlled by the XDK. We use standard Cordova CLI in our build system. I recommend you voice your concerns over that version code policy with the Apache Cordova project.

Note that your users never see the version code number, it is used only by the store and the Android installer to manage recognizing older and newer versions of your app. The "App Version" field contains the version number that your end-users see, in the store and in the app summary on the device. The "App Version Code" is distinct from the "App Version" field so you can use any format you want for the public version string without causing interpretation problems for the store and installer.