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forrtl:severe(6201):sqrt:DOMAIN error


I meet this error "forrtl:severe(6201):sqrt:DOMAIN error" in my fortran 90 program. I checked my program several times, it seems that the value of the sqrt function in my program is not likely to be negative or exceed the domain. Anybody any experience or idea as to what else could cause this error message? I remember I met this error message before when I tried to export my results in Fortran to Matlab through Matlab API.

Another question, when trace your program in debug mode, how to prevent the running program from exit the debug mode when some error happen. Everytime I execute or run the program in debug mode, when some error happened, it just exit with some error message, but I want to check the values of some varibles just before the error happens, this will help me a lot to find out what causes the problem. You prompt reply is highly appreciated!
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You're using DVF 5.0 - if you upgrade to 6.0 or later (current version is 6.5), the debugger will stop at the line of error. In version 5, there's no way to prevent the program from exiting when a math error is encountered.

You can purchase the 5.0-6.5 upgrade from most
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