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iOS debugging.

Hello, I am having a number of issues with the debug tab when it comes to iOS debugging.

I have managed to build and install the app. I have also managed to build a re-signed App Preview and install that.

The problem comes in with the debug tab:

When I start debugging the app, seemingly no Javascript is loaded. The Network sub-tab is empty and is suggesting that I reload the page. The console is empty, devoid even of console.logs.

The only place where I could find a way to reload the page is in the Audits sub-tab. It reloads and the Javascript triggers. However, none of the plugins seem to load. I initially thought it was a problem with some of the plugins so I started tediously removing them and their calls one-by-one.

After maybe 5 plugins, I concluded that the plugins are fine and are just not being loaded.

Things I've also tried:

Rebuilding and reinstalling the AppPreview

Changing the target iOS version and then rebuilding and reinstalling the AppPreview

Is it something about accessing files outside of the www folder? I don't even know where to begin with this.

They seem to load in the actual build because the app doesn't fail in the same place but I need the debug module to figure out what is wrong in the app.



EDIT: What about some other way to debug the app? Can I use say Xcode?

EDIT 2: Now I get a timed out message after 600000ms (10 min).

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Third-party plugins do not work with the Debug tab and iOS devices. That is a feature we hope to add in a future release, but now it only supports a debuggable version of App Preview, which only contains the core Cordova plugins. The only way to debug an iOS app that contains third-party plugins is to build your app and include weinre or, if you have a Mac, create a develop build of your app and use Safari and remote web inspector.

Sorry for that confusion, I'm updating the docs to help clarify this point.


Hey, thanks for the update!

Do you guys have a guide on how to do either of those suggestions?


EDIT: I'm only asking in the case that there's anything different to be done with the Intel XDK setup. If the ordinary online tutorials are enough to make it work, just let me know.



Weinre is definitely not an option since I can't see JS logs. It's easy to set up and it works but usually it's the JS that tells me what's wrong.

Another thing to note is that the certificates I used to build the re-signed app preview didn't work for some reason so I had to remake my development certificates.

Also, the development build didn't work with adhoc selected in the build settings but it did with production which is strange. I haven't tested the newly built app yet so I'll update then.

EDIT: Dev signed app works and runs. Managed to start debugging. Errors don't point to proper lines, but I'll manage. Thanks for all the help.