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60 Views login and getting a license file

I'm attempting to install Intel System Studio in a research lab on behalf of a professor at my school, and I'm having trouble.

My professor acquired the software. She forwarded me the email she received with the product download link and serial number in it.

I registered the serial number on using my own email address. Doing this required me to fill out an account registration form as part of this process. I registered an account, saved my registration info, and appear to be able to use this account to sign in to Intel Developer Zone resources (such as this forum).

However, all of the resources I need access to, such as the tool for downloading license files, require me to log in through a different portal which appears to want an account. I do not have such an account. My Intel Developer Zone credentials do not work for this login portal, and I can't find any resources to sign up for an account for this.

I'm unable to proceed with the registration process at this point. Can anyone advise me on how to proceed?

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Just to clarify, you are not able to log into and see the list of product downloads available to you?  I can verify your login ID in a private message.