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ios app upload tool in the Windows system directly upload ipa



Application Uploader is a IOS development assistant, in windows, Linux or MAC system environment, help developers to quickly and easily generate IOS development certificate, does not need the keys Application assistant, Uploader can upload screenshots and upload the IPA file to App Store, do not need the application launcher and MAC computer. IOS is an auxiliary tool for supporting developers. #software function

1、Create iOS certificate and configuration file

Application Uploader Support for the creation of a variety of Apple certificate, and the creation process is very simple, simply enter the certificate name, create mail and other information to create a certificate

2、Submit Mac in Windows, Linux or Ipa

With Application Uploader, you can upload one or more IPA files to the App Store in windows, MAC, or Linux system environments.

3、Batch upload screenshots and update APP information

Submit a screenshot to the itunesconnect is a very troublesome thing, had to upload dozens of screen shots, repeat boring. Application Uploader can be packaged upload screenshots.

4、Update multiple IOS applications at a time

Use the Application Uploader tool to update multiple iOS App at a time.

5、Template update

Use templates to update the app keyword, title, description, screen or other application information quickly and easily.

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