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ipp on xeon from Windows: *mic* cannot open source file "ipp.h"


I have a xeon phi coprocessor plugged in Windows computer and I want to test some ipp functions on it, but a target compilation (VS2015 Community) fails with the message: *MIC* cannot open source file "ipp.h". 


MicInfo Utility Log
Created Thu Aug 17 17:48:48 2017

        System Info
                HOST OS                 : Windows
                OS Version              : Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
                Driver Version          :
                MPSS Version            :
                Host Physical Memory    : 16244 MB

Device No: 0, Device Name: mic0

                Flash Version            :
                SMC Firmware Version     : 1.17.6900
                SMC Boot Loader Version  : 1.8.4326
                Coprocessor OS Version   :
                Device Serial Number     : ADKC24100331

                Vendor ID                : 0x8086
                Device ID                : 0x225c
                Subsystem ID             : 0x2500
                Coprocessor Stepping ID  : 3
                PCIe Width               : x4
                PCIe Speed               : 5 GT/s
                PCIe Max payload size    : 256 bytes
                PCIe Max read req size   : 512 bytes
                Coprocessor Model        : 0x01
                Coprocessor Model Ext    : 0x00
                Coprocessor Type         : 0x00
                Coprocessor Family       : 0x0b
                Coprocessor Family Ext   : 0x00
                Coprocessor Stepping     : B1
                Board SKU                : B1QS-7110 P/A/X
                ECC Mode                 : Enabled
                SMC HW Revision          : Product 300W Passive CS

                Total No of Active Cores : 61
                Voltage                  : 1025000 uV
                Frequency                : 1100000 kHz

                Fan Speed Control        : N/A
                Fan RPM                  : N/A
                Fan PWM                  : N/A
                Die Temp                 : 53 C

                GDDR Vendor              : Elpida
                GDDR Version             : 0x1
                GDDR Density             : 2048 Mb
                GDDR Size                : 7936 MB
                GDDR Technology          : GDDR5
                GDDR Speed               : 5.500000 GT/s
                GDDR Frequency           : 2750000 kHz
                GDDR Voltage             : 1501000 uV

Btw, ipp.h become available immediately after switching the project to Intel compiler (before I set "Use Intel IPP" to "Single-threaded Static Library" from "No"), maybe it it somehow connected with the problem.

And is it possible at all to run ipp in offloaded mode or the library will be available only in a native app?

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And is it possible at all to run ipp in offloaded mode or the library will be available only in a native app?

It's hardly important to you yet, but yes it's possible to use ipp in offload mode. You can find documentation in the intel parallel studio installiation folder, something like this: "...\compilers_and_libraries\windows\ipp\examples\components_and_examples_mic\components\examples_mic\documentation\".

In short you need to set the following project properties:

  1. Configuration Properties -> c/c++ -> Code Generation [Intel C++] -> Additional Options for MIC Offload Compiler: -I\"$(IPPROOT)\"include, where IPPROOT - environment variable that contains path to IPP (C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\compilers_and_libraries_2017\windows\ipp)
  2. Configuration Properties -> Linker -> General [Intel C++] -> Additional Optional for MIC Offload Linker: -L\"$(IPPROOT)\"/lib\intel64_win_mic -lipps -lippcore -lippvm, where with '-L' option you specify where to look for ipp libraries and with '-l' you specify which libraries needs (without 'lib' prefix and extension).

You may not set '-L' property and it will still work.


Best regards, Alexander.



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