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is it possible to adjust the landmarks detection in unity sdk?

I'm not very skilled in C# (to my standards) but I was wondering if its possible to adjust the landmark detection in Unity.

Right now I am building upon the sample script that provides the specific landmarks/trackers but some trackers especially the ones at the corner of the mouth, don't move properly especially when lips squeezed together to form an O shape.

I saw a guy at an intel sdk video suggesting that the provided scripts are not that great.

So is it possible to get better results by custom scripting the trackers/landmark detection?

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Yes, the supplied TrackingAction, in its basic unaltered state, does struggle with detection of some of the smaller facial landmarks.  I halve always found that for making an 'O' shape with the mouth, the 'Landmark Lower Lip Left' or 'Landmark Lower Lip Right' are best.  These can detect a strong expression made with the mouth, yet - unlike landmarks such as Chin - are not so easily triggered that you find yourself constantly generating the 'O' expression by accident.

You can also amplify how much movement a TrackingAction generates by opening the script in the Unity script editor and making a simple edit to insert a multiplication sum.  I one wrote a step by step guide on how to do so.

I recommend creating a special version of TrackingAction to do this so that you do not affect the speed of any other objects that are using TrackingAction.  I also have a guide for this.