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login and build issues- Versions 2893 and older no longer supported-

We have stopped supporting Intel XDK versions 2893 and older as of June 13, 2016 as communicated earlier (see the note below). If you are using these older versions please upgrade to the latest version of XDK. Typical signs of having older versions are - not able to login, build not working, and messages like - "check if you are connect to the internet" or "you are not logged in, log in as a valid user" or a spinner goes on for a long time without logging you in.  You need to upgrade to versions 3088 or above, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version.


Hello Developers,

In order to improve the security and performance of our Intel XDK cloud-based build system, we’re making some necessary changes that will impact the older versions of Intel XDK. Beginning from June 13, 2016, versions of the Intel XDK 2893 and older will no longer be able to use the Build tab, the Test tab or App Preview. If you are currently running version 2893 or older, of the Intel XDK, please upgrade to version 3088 or newer as soon as possible (before June 13th).


Intel XDK team

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