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problems adding controls to cards in App Designer


I've watch all the videos on using App Designer and with simple controls and with lists seem to work okay.

When I try to use Cards though, and try to place controls within different sections of a card, it either seems to be very fragile or I have a basic misunderstanding of how to use it.

As an example, if I create a Card and select to have all four sections defined for that card (header, footer, left, right) and then I drag an IMG control to the left section of the card.  Initially it will be placed in the left section and I can resize the IMG to fit well in the section dimensions, but if I unselect the card and then click somewhere in the body of the card again to reselect it, it moves the image into the body or some other section of the card.  I've tried several different UI frameworks and have started several fresh projects trying to get this to work but I end up having the same problems.  The same seems to be true for buttons added to a section of the card.  It often happens that those buttons will get shifted to other sections.  If if you are very careful placing each element in a section, it will likely be undone the next time you select the card.

Are their any tips you can give me or am I just trying to use the Card element in a way it's not designed to be used?



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Looks like a bug with the cards, I was able to reproduce the issue. We are are looking in to it, thanks for reporting the issue.