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random disconnections between SR300 and NUC10


for few days i saw disconnections in my app .
at the start with the old nuc & F200 camera , all worked great for full year.
i am suspicious about 2 things: 

1. the disconnections start after power lost. 

2. i have secure connection (vpn) (secomea) , maby it closes the Web socket.

eyal pano  

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Hello Eyal,

Please post more specifics about your system configuration and disconnection symptoms in the RealSense Community. This forum in the Intel Developer Zone will soon be archived and all support will be handled in RealSense Community.

First gather all system information by generating an msinfo file. In order to generate the file please press on the keyboard WinLogo key + r, then type in msinfo32, then click on File>>Export, and attach the .txt file to the new thread. Which app is failing?

Below are instructions on using a debug tool in the RealSense SDK that allows us to collect extensive logs regarding your RealSense software stack. If you already have the RealSense SDK installed, skip to step 3.


  1. Download the RealSense SDK from:
  2. Install the full SDK or just the Debug package.
  3. After you install the SDK, go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\RSSDK\bin\x64\"
  4. Run SDK_Info.exe as an Administrator
  5. Navigate to the Logging Tab
  6. Click “Enable All Logs” button
  7. Reproduce the issue by running whatever app is causing the failure  (make sure not to close sdk_info, it can be minimized, closing sdk_info will stop the logging).
  8. After the failure has occurred return to SDK_Info and click “Save” button (in sdk_info logging tab).
  9. Zip the created directory and attach to the thread.

We will analyze these log files to determine why this DCM is failing with your system.



Jesus Garcia

Intel Customer Support

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