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reset facedata, incorrect boundingbox location

Is there any way, apart from update() (it doesn't work for my case), where I can sort of reset the face instance of the face data for my realsense application? like reset the face found? Force the sdk to refind it?

My issue happens kinda infrequently but it does happen, when the stream first starts,( the sensemanager starts acquiring frames), if i get the facedata.. and queryfacebyindex(0).. the bounding box found for the face, seems quite off. sometimes practically cutting the face in half and pretty much looking like its offset, and it stays this way until I basically move my face away from the camera's view and then move it back into the camera's view. pretty much sort of resettting the "face" that the camera has found. THEN the camera will correctly find my face position,

I want to avoid that sometimes the face found initially and first when you first start acquiring frames being offset. Is there anyway for me to by code/command, sorta force this "reset" that basically happens when the code canot find a face and when a face appears? cause this seems to fix it always and it then finds my face's correct location. 


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