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run all the demos apps on real android and iphone devices with a few problems

I just attempted to run all the demos apps on real android and iphone devices.

I am in the following environment.

OS X 10.10.5
AS 1.5.1



- Most worked but the iphone side generally looked better.

- DateCell and Word Search had "Hello World" screens on the Android side. Not sure why?  Iphone was good.

- InAppPurchase: Android side a blank white screen and Iphone seemed more usable.

- Taxi: Android good.  Iphone side problem BuildAppAlgorithm Failed error code 65.

- SimpleNetworkStreams: Android and Iphone built ok but got timeout exceptions on connections

- SimpleMap - Iphone fine.  Android side authorization error.  I likely need some sort of google map account.

- MissleCommand - Gradile could not build "could not find com.badlogicgames.gdx:gdx-platform1.9.3-SNAPSHOT."

- NoteSqlite - could not find

I am sure I am causing some portion of these errors but it is not clear what to do fix some of these.

Herb Rush

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