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trying to move fortran license from one system to another

we have VS2015 running on a PC, and we would like to move it to another PC, and transfer that named-user license to another user (somebody left our company).  So we transferred the license to a new user, and I can see that license in the new users intel premier account.  However, on the "Manage License" screen, there is no option to uninstall license from this host, or to activate this serial number.  There is just something that says "License File", and if I click on that it gives me some info about the license.  On another account that we have in my organization, on the "Manage License" screen, it shows the mac address of the system that we have installed the software on, and there is a "+"  and an "X", that allow me to do what I want to do (to get a new license file and associate it with a new machine).  Why is this happening?



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Hi, Steve,

You are using a named-user license, not a system locked license. You should be able to install a named user license on multiple systems with no problem.

You may find the FAQ entry for "I have a named-user license (single-user license). Can I install the product on different machines?...helpful.

The next two questions ("What do I do when I see the message 'maximum number of activations exceeded'?" and particularly "How do I release activation from my named-user license") after that one may be of interest as well.

It should be noted that only the owner of the license can release activation.

Does this answer your question?

- Alex



Has this answered your question?

- Alex

EDIT: Since I never got a reply, I will assume this issue has been resolved and close the thread. If you have a similar question, please create a new thread so we can get to you in a timely fashion.