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Is it possible to have VROC NVME RAID 10 with more than 4 disks?



I would possibly just treat this as a feature request, but if anyone has a way to get around it would be much appreciated.

I am on Windows 2019, with 12x Intel P3700 2TB connected to one single CPU (e.g. using all 48x PCI Express lanes). VROC enabled on all 3 PCIE 16x complex root hubs. I am not doing any node level clustering so would like to use RAID 10 on these 12x SSDs.

Unfortunately, the closet I can get is I have to create 3 separate RAID 10 arrays, each with 4 disks in it. Then I use Windows Storage Space or Disk Manager to create a stripe (RAID 0) volume to combine these 3 "blocks" - effectively a RAID 100. And of course, as expected, performance is not linear which means there must be performance loss due to the extra software layer added.

I can create a 12x SSD RAID 0 with VROC, but this 4-disk limit for RAID 10 is disappointing. I tried VROC v7 and the limitation seems still there.

Any suggestions are welcome.



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Hello, @dracocephalum.


Thank you for contacting the Intel Community Support.
For this case, RAID 10 support is as you mentioned, Intel® VROC will support only 4 drives in each RAID 10 created, but I can certainly submit your feedback regarding this. The thread can remain open in case the community is able to provide you other recommendations.
Best regards,
Bruce C.
Intel Customer Support Technician
A Contingent Worker at Intel
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