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Remove RAID and use only 2 independent hard drivers


I just got an old computer (approx. 5 years) with RAID system. I don't want to use RAID. I just want 2 separate hard drivers.

So the computer is empty on drivers but I have 2 that I will use. First SSD and second HDD.

Please explain what to do. Because I tried without success. I used "ctrl+h" and got in some bios setup. But this is not the regular what I have seen. I think it is the RAID setup.

And what should I do to get into the computer BIOS where I can choose what to boot from so I can install windows from USB?


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Hello kladde,



Thank you for contacting the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology for enterprise support



As we understand you are trying to install Windows* on a computer that was previously setup with a RAID configuration.



We would like to inform you that our support is scope for the Intel® RSTe software support, however we will be more than glad to provide you with some recommendations that may help you solve the issue that you are experiencing.



In your case our best recommendation will be the following:



Since the computer seems to not have an OS configured installed, the raid must had been setup using the Bios utility. Our recommendation will be to access the bios and disable the raid manually or you can always reset your motherboard to factory settings by selecting the option on the bios interface. In order to access the bios you will need to check your motherboard manufacture since key to press during the POST process changes between motherboard manufactures.



If you required further assistance or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us back





Luis H
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Hello Kladde



We are following on your community question since we haven't received a reply to the information that we provided you on September 16



Please let us know if you require further assistance



Best Regards


Luis H
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