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What do these keys actually do?


All of this is pertaining to the X299 platform and Skylake X:

I understand that the VROCISSDMOD key will support only Intel SSD's in RAID0/1/10


what do these support on X299? (Or what are they supposed to support?)

I they do not support anything on X299, what is their purpose?

Does VROC on X299 support ANY non-Intel SSD's in bootable or non-bootable form?

Will there be any updates to VROC in the near future pertaining to what,

if any, non-Intel SSD's they will support?

I have been told the motherboard mfr's are now "responsible" for VROC implementation.

Isn't VROC technically, for all intents and purposes, an Intel license?

I have a VROCSTANMOD key and several VROCISSDMOD keys in hand,

and am very close to making storage decisions on my HEDT build(s).

What is making this decision difficult,

is that the 600P/6000P are too slow, even in RAID,

and the 900P drives, although phenomenal/outrageously good in performance, are quite pricey,

but with low storage capacity.

This is a large investment on my part, along with many others,

who want to utilize Intel's technology leadership to the fullest.

The X299 is a high end, enthusiast platform, and we could use some help here.

VROC is THE reason I chose to build on the X299 platform in the first place,

and not some non-Intel brand, as Intel ALWAYS used to come through.

Thank you in advance for straightforward, blunt and honest answers.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Hello birdman941,



Thanks for contacting Intel® Virtual RAID on CPU (Intel® VROC) support, I'll be more than glad to provide the answer to the questions that you have in regards to our product.



Currently the purpose of the VROCISSDMOD it's to support Only Intel SSD's in RAID 0/1/10/5 on X299, that's the intended purpose for this key; and the purpose of VROCSTANMOD and VROCPREMMOD it's to support VROC under the Intel Xeon Purley Platforms on different levels; being VROCSTANMOD for RAID 0/1/10 and VROCPREMMOD for RAID 0/1/10/5; so they're unsupported on X299.



VROC on X299 currently doesn't support any Third-party SSD's on RAID; aside from that, since VROC it's very recently launched product it's possible that there will be furute updates that will allow the use of Third-party SSDs.



Also, VROC it's currently a License provided to the manufacturers and it's their responsibility to provide the Drivers, Software Updates and the required Key for their equipment, so; it's up to the OEM to provide the required support for their VROC-Enabled products based on our X299 Platform.



Please find the attached document with the Reactive Q&A for VROC Support on X299 for your information.



Also remember that if you want to ask additional questions or want to add more details to your case, we'll be glad to assist you



Best regards and Happy Thanksgiving,



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In other words, the post FROM INTEL support here:

with this chart is incorrect?

Edit, I do not have Microsoft Word on this pc, so I cannot read the doc

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Hello again birdman941,



In regards to the information of the post you've mentioned; it's necessary to have in consideration that there are 2 different types of platforms, being the Server (Xeon Purley) and the End User (X299) ones enabled for VROC in different ways.



The information of this chart it's correct for our Xeon Purley Server Platforms; since for the X299 Platform the only supported Key it's the VROCISSDMOD for Intel-only SSD's.



Please remember that if you want to ask more questions or want to add additional details, we'll be glad to assist you



Best regards,



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So the information I got previously from Intel is incorrect.

The question in the aforementioned thread was pertaining to the X299 platform,

not the Xeon platform.

This is great since I went and got a VROCSTANMOD key thanks to the previous/erroneous info.

They are not cheap as you know.

(Who do I see about that?)


What Intel is NOW saying is that the ONLY VROC key that will work on X299 is the VROCISSDMOD key.

And this VROCISSDMOD key supports RAID 0/1/5/10?

Is that correct?

Previously Intel said that the Premium key was needed for Raid 5.

Which is it?

Previously Intel said that non-Intel SSD's would work with the VROCSTANMOD key in RAID 0/1/10.

As much as I appreciate the leaps and bounds forward in Tech that Intel has created,

with VROC, you could have done better in messaging from the get go.

ALL of the X299 boards without exception touted VROC as a new high fallutin' awesome Intel technology for RAID.

No offense.

How did they get the stanmod and premmod keys to work in that video with the Asus Hyper M.2 x 16 AIC

if they don't support X299? Get 4 M.2 drives in your PC thanks to Asus Hyper M.2 | Computex 2017 - YouTube

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Hi birdman941,



Thanks for your reply and we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you in regards to the VROCSTANMOD Key, we'll check on the erroneous key that you've got and we'll be back with you as soon as possible.



Also it's mentioned on the video that you've shared us; currently VROC on X299 only supports Intel SSD's, and about the key they show; we're not sure why they show this one (VROCSTANMOD) since it's not the supported one for the X299 platform.



Please remember that if you require more assistance or want to add additional questions, we'll be glad to assist you






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Ok, so I want to make absolutely certain I am getting this 100% correct.

This will be shared with many others wanting ACCURATE information regarding X299/VROC,

across many boards, containing members are none too happy with the situation.

Please correct any inaccuracies in plain English.

On the X299 platform:

  • The ONLY way to utilize VROC in any fashion is to use the VROCISSDMOD key
  • The ONLY drives compatible with VROCISSDMOD are Intel SSD's
  • The VROCISSDMOD key WILL support RAID0/1/5 and 10
  • The VROCSTANMOD key is NOT compatible AT ALL with X299
  • The VROCPREMMOD key is NOT compatible AT ALL with X299
  • The Optane 900P drives are 100% compatible with VROC and X299
  • The Intel 600P and 6000p drives are Compatible with X299 VROC

If there are other Intel drives, including DC drives that are compatible,


Things go on sale, as this is an enthusiast platform, not some off brand, second best "wannabe" product.

Most of us do not drive electric cars or wear sandals.

We work hard and we want the best.

That is why we are here.

Make a video and set it straight prominently and in detail,

so people can make educated decisions,

based on accurate information from the people who designed, developed and manufactured it.

When folks believe in your products and your company,

invest time, research and money to build the absolute best,

for their personal pleasure, business, family or hobby,

tell them the truth.

It's the best policy.

You are on top, and WE put you there.

We are wanting to keep you there.

I want to see your so-called "competition" in the distant rear view mirror.

Be American.

Be the best.



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