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Formatting Raw Events for Perf...


I am trying to run Perf with raw events and have couple of doubts. Firstly from the perf code that I have downloaded, I see this for one of the events for WestMere. How do I encode it in raw format? Without the inv and cmask I know it is "-r3fb1" but cant figure out what the value is with the inv and mask.

intel_perfmon_event_map[PERF_COUNT_HW_STALLED_CYCLES_BACKEND] =

X86_CONFIG(.event=0xb1, .umask=0x3f, .inv=1, .cmask=1);


Also as per the manual the stall cycle is with a mask of 40H - not sure wht the code is trying to do 3F. I may have a bum version of the code maybe.

B1H 40H UOPS_EXECUTED.PORT015 Counts number of Uops executed that where issued
on port 0, 1, or 5.
use cmask=1, invert=1
to count stall cycles

thanks for the help.

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