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Issue in displaying Back trace info with FlexRAN code


Hi all

We are working on open FlexRAN code to custom for L1 code.

Part of this exp. , source/auxlib/sys/aux_sys.c ,

try to add the support for SIGSEGV to print back trace function available in open source 

but it is giving basic info "Core dump info", it is printing Back_trace info form aux_sys.c , what could be reason for the same .

print_trace function body:

void print_trace() {
    char pid_buf[30];
    sprintf(pid_buf, "%d", getpid());
    char name_buf[512];
    name_buf[readlink("/proc/self/exe", name_buf, 511)]=0;
    int child_pid = fork();
    if (!child_pid) {
        dup2(2,1); // redirect output to stderr
        fprintf(stdout,"stack trace for %s pid=%s\n",name_buf,pid_buf);
        execlp("gdb", "gdb", "--batch", "-n", "-ex", "thread", "-ex", "bt", name_buf, pid_buf, NULL);
        abort(); /* If gdb failed to start */
    } else {

 It is added part of SIGSEGV handler function with backtrace_symbols_fd() instead of   backtrace_symbols()  presented by default.

Could you please help us to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance

Thanks & Regards

Satish G


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