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MLC on AppDirect KMEM-DAX and FS-DAX modes

Currently, we use the following options in Intel Memory Latency Checker (MLC) for measuring local/remote sequential access bandwidth:

./mlc --loaded_latency -d0 -k1-47 -j3

The platform we have access to has 4 sockets, each socket has 48 cores. We would use -j0 instead of -j3 if we want to measure local b/w; additionally, we add “-U” to the above options for measuring local/remote random-access bandwidth. Our experimental platform also has about 1.5T of Optane DCPMM per socket, and a total DDR memory of 768G.

Above would work for Optane AppDirect (only using DRAM) and Memory modes; my question is:

In MLC, is there a way to specify memory to be initialized in PMEM of a NUMA node, in AppDirect KMEM-DAX and FS-DAX modes? 

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