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MLC to support CoD for Haswell-EP or -EX

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I was wondering if there is a version of MLC (Memory Latency Check) utility that understands the CoD (Cluster on Die) snooping mode for the Haswell platform. 

On a 2 socket Haswell-PE system withh CoD enabled, numactl -H shows 4 memory domains and accounts correctly the cores associated with each, MLC however treats the same host as just a 2 memory domain system and the tests DO NOT DIFFERENTIATE between the two memory controllers (and domains) that are available on each socket. 



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Sorry, we don't have any plans to support CoD at this time. Meanwhile, you can look at using -m flag (for b/w) and -i and -c flag for latency measurements and get the data you are looking for. You can refer to the readme.pdf for more information on that or post a follow up question here and I will be glad to answer