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NUMA and win10


Can someone give me advice on using NUMA with win10 .

Current specs:  I have a z800 workstation with dual x5960 processors + 96gb (12x8gb stcicks speak evenly ) + PCIe NvMe 950 pro 256gb + PCIe lsi megaraid 9285e . 

I understand what NUMA could do if correctly used which is add better memory bandwidth ( by a factor of the amount of processors or memory banks )  and better latency , both which would suit me as I use this z800 solely for a hyperthread supported application called Sonar Platinum, which would benefit from NUMA.

What I need to understand is when I enable NUMA  in the bios 

1) there is a option called NUMA split mode ? What benefits having this enabled for hyperthreaded applications.

2) how does win 10 manage NUMA nodes > does it do it automatically or do I have to set affinity in task manager and assign CPUs and nodes to hyperthreaded specific applications : I.e Sonar platinum ?

3) what additional information would you give to correctly enable NUMA on my system specs so I can properly test if NUMA works well on my system with my application/s.

4) do u have links that may help me with this








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