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PCM with windows 2012R2



HI :

I have a problem when using PCM on windows 2012 R2.

problem 1:
At first , I build intelpcm.dll with vs2010 x64
second I try to build PCM-service but I got a error message : connot open file '..\intelpcm.dll\x64\debug\intelpcm.lib
I check the intelpcm.dll folder again, there is no intelpcm.lib , it only has intelpcm.dll.lib. 

problem 2:
I try to modify the link file from intelpcm.lib to intelpcm.dll.lib and build other file like pcm-service, pcm-win,pcm-power....

when I ran "pcm-service -install" it will pop a error message , the error code is 0xc0000007b. 

Does someone tell me how can I build these file wiht x64 environment?

thanks a lot

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I suspect that you have some problems with the MSR driver, e.g. it is in the wrong path, it is not signed, you are not running as administrator, etc. 

My suggestion would be to try getting pcm.exe running first, before trying.

Please also note the details in the WINDOWS_HOWTO for setting up the driver properly.

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